Mauro Gabriele

Associate Professor (ING-INF/06)
Office: Via Opera Pia 13, 1st floor
Phone: +39-010-3536546


My present research activities fit into the field of health informatics, concerning both modelling and implementation aspects. Within this framework, my research interests are focused on the following three topics:

(i) Secondary use of clinical data. I have been working on developing platforms able to automatically collect data from routinely used clinical data and prepare them for a re-use in the field of scientific research. This has been obtained with a wide use of international standards in the field and of structured models summarized in clinical databases and relative web-based interfaces

(ii) Standard application in health informatics. I have been deeply involved in the development and application of national and international standards in the field of medical informatics. Specifically, I was member of HL7 Italy Board (2012-2018).

(iii) Application of Bioengineering methods in the field of Life Science. I collaborated with some life-science laboratories (microbiology, phytopharmacology, virology) transferring some specific achievements of bioengineering in their field in order to support their research in taxonomy, development of laboratory tests and phytopharmacological drugs.

Previously, I was also involved in the development of medical and biotechnological models. Specifically, in my PhD studies I developed some tools to interpreter protein data from primary to tertiary structure. Moreover, I developed some qualitative modelling tools applied to cell growth / chemotherapy, glucose regulation and AIDS.

Reuse of clinical data, HL7 Standards, Medical / Biotechnological Modelling

Medical Informatics Laboratory (BSc, Biomedical engineering)
Health Information Systems (MSc, Bioengineering)
Informatics (BSc, Biotechnologies)
Technologies for personalized medicine (MSc, Bioengineering)

Health Informatics