Roberto Raitieri

Associate Professor (ING-INF/34)
Office: Via Opera Pia 13, 3rd floor
Phone: +39-010-3532762
E-mail: roberto.raiteri@unige.it
IRIS: https://iris.unige.it/cris/rp/rp07044#.WvMWPYiFMuRCID
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1907-7855

His main research interests regard:

  • mechanical characterization at the nanometer and micrometer scale of living cells (adult skeletal muscle fibre) and biological tissues (cartilage) using atomic force microscopy (AFM) related techniques
  • protein-protein (synapsin) interaction studies on supported lipid membranes using AFM
  • cell membrane receptors direct (label free) mapping using AFM tips functionalised with short peptides and antibodies
  • development of combined set-ups for in vitro electro/mechanical characterization of cells at the nanometer scale
  • development of ink-jet based systems for surface patterning with biomolecules
  • development of bioMEMS based analytical system based on arrays of microcantilevers and their application in biosensing
On the above topics he has contributed more than 65 publications on international peer-reviewed journals

Scanning probe microscopy, mechanobiology, bionanotechnology

Biosensor and microsystems (MSc, Bioengineering)
Biomedical electronics and measurements (BSc, Biomedical engineering)
Biomedical instrumentation laboratory (BSc, Biomedical engineering)