Andrea Canessa

Researcher (ING-INF/06)
Office: Via Opera Pia 13, 1st floor
Phone: +39-010-3532789

I gained my PhD in Bioengineering in 2011 from the University of Genova. My PhD focused on the Computational neuroscience of Early Vision and it ended with a thesis on Visuomotor interactions in 3D spatial sensing and influences of eye movements for depth perception. In my first experience as postdoc researcher at the University of Genova I started to deal with eye movements modelling and kinematics and RGBD devices and Virtual Reality for visuomotor rehabilitation. In 2013 I moved to the Institute for educational technologies of the Italian National Research Council where I was involved in a project dealing with Serious Games for subjects with cognitive disability. At the end of 2014 I came back to the Neurosciences when I joined the BioLab at the University of Genova, for a project on EEG analysis in visuomotor tasks with subjects affected by Parkinson’s disease. My research interests are in the fields of system neuroscience and neuroreahabilitation, focusing on the study of the electrophysiological alterations in movement disorder syndromes, with a special focus on Parkinson’s syndrome and on the largely unknown pathophysiology of freezing of gait. The principal goal is to investigate alterations in the functional and effective connectivity and in the cortical excitability. In my research I adopt a multimodal approach including cortical and subcortical electrophysiological recordings (hdEEG and DBS LFP), electromyographical recordings, tecniques for neuromodulation (e.g. TMS and TMSEEG) and stimulation based on Virtual Reality.

System neuroscience, Parkinson’s disease, EEG, DBS, Virtual Reality Neurorehabilitation

Biomeccanica e Bioingegneria del movimento