N2 lab

Neuroengineering and Neurotechonologies

The Lab is interested in developing tools and technologies for studying the brain from micro to macro scale.

Micro-scale: we design and develop neural interfaces and devices and we have a very good experimental know-how in electrophysiology of neuronal networks and brain tissue coupled to microelectrode arrays. We complement these activities with strong theoretical expertise in neuron-electrode junction models; neuronal networks models and simulations;  advanced data analysis for network dynamics and connectivity.

Macro-scale: we ……………..
  • Neuro-electronic interface

Design and implementation of bi-directional neural interface with the aim at optimizing the information exchange between natural and artificial systems

Integration of Micro-Electrode Array (MEA) devices with microfluidics structures for interconnected neuronal populations

  • Brain-on-a-chip and 3D neuronal networks

Design and development of tools for interacting with 3D experimental models including nanotools

Test and validation of biomaterials and scaffold for 3D networks and brain organoids coupled to MEA based devices

  • Computational neuroscience and advanced data analysis tools

Conductance based and more abstract computational models and simulations for interpretation of experimental data

Data analysis for spiking activity: network dynamics and functional connectivity

Neuroengineering, in-vitro electrophysiology, brain-on-a-chip, 3D neuronal netowrks, microtransducer array for bioelectrochemical measurements, neuro-electronic junction, hybrid-systems,

  • 2 set-up for electrophysiological recordings form neuronal networks coupled to microtransducer arrays (;
  • 1 set-up for high-density micro-electrode arrays (4096 channels) (;
  • 1 bi-directional Neuro-robotic interfaces for embedded electrophysiology;
  • 2 optical microscopes (DIC, phase contrast, flu, calcium imaging);
  • workstations for off-line data analysis and network modelling

UE Cost Action CA16119 (2016-19): Research Network COST - In vitro 3‐D total cell guidance and fitness.

BIPE University of Genova (2020-22): 4D Brain-on-a-chip