Health Informatics

The Lab is interested in developing tools and technologies to support data extraction, maintenance and use in clinical environment.

We design and develop parts of information systems to be applied in hospitals and other clinical environments. Our production is mainly characterized by a wide use of international standards at all the three main levels of interoperability (technical, semantical and process). The work in the Lab is strictly connected with local, national and international health care structures and with companies active in the field of medical informatics and clinical trial.

The Lab applications take into consideration not only strictly clinical data, but a wide range of complex data relating life sciences.


  • Clinical Data Reuse

Reuse of clinical data is a fast-growing field recognized as essential to realize the potentials for high quality healthcare, improved healthcare management, reduced healthcare costs, population health management, and effective clinical research

  • Standards application for Interoperability in Health Information Systems

Planning, development, test and validation of interfaces to extract data from clinical environment to support decision making and clinical trials

Development and maintenance of standard and anonymized clinical data for its secondary use.

  • Natural Language Processing in Health Care

Our work aims to help advance many of the fundamental objective of biomedical informatics, which include the discovery and validation of scientific knowledge, improvement in the quality and cost of health care, and support to patients and health consumers. The massive amounts of texts amassed through clinical care or published in the scientific literature or on the Web can be leveraged to acquire and organize knowledge from the information conveyed in text, and to promote discovery of new phenomena.

  • Data Security and Privacy in Health Care
Data containing health information is highly affected but national and international legislation about privacy and security. We plan, develop and test tools to make our applications compliant to these laws and rules, ready to be approved by ethical committees.

Health Informatics, Data Base applications, Health care standard based interfaces, Natural Language Interpreation tools, Data Security and Privacy add ons for Health Care data protection

  • 2 data base / web servers for application deployment;
  • workstations for software planning, development and testing

UE - H2020 Societal Challenges – Health, demographic change and wellbeing - Grant Agreement No. 826421 – VirtualBrainCloud: Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease (2019-2022):

UE – European Regional Developing Fund (FESR) – INTERREG ALCOTRA - Innovative activities for development of the transboundary chain of the edible flower (ANTEA):